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LOOK: Altabay Solutions finishes very first client training program with PUP Food Tech

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Manila, Philippines — In an exciting educational development, Altabay has successfully finished its first research training program for Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) – Manila BS Food Technology.

The program with a theme “Implementing Research: A Training on the Proper Implementation of Randomized Experiments in Food Technology,” took place on October 23, 2023, and marked an important step in the collaboration between Altabay and the academic community. It aimed to give students practical knowledge about design of experiments – its basic principles, guide to collecting data, and analyze results. Dr. Elvira Labartine, who leads the PUP Food Processing Plant and Testing Center, guided this effort.

Altabay Solutions Head Consultant and Co-founder Sir Jan Leonin poses with the members of PUP FoodTech.

During the meet on the 23rd of October 2023, lectures were held and succeeded by activities within the training session. Participants and members of the project express satisfaction and delight in the duration of the in-person conduct of the mentioned project.

A snapshot of a slide presented during the training program.

Taking a closer look, the activity encompasses the application of statistical methods and steps necessary for the experimentation in their project methodology. These include randomization, blinding, data recording, among other procedures.

Students of PUP Food Technology participate in the initial steps of data collection through weighing.

Sir Jan Leonin instructs one of the participating groups regarding the activity for the training program.

Specific roles and tasks were assigned to each member of the group in concert with both individual and group objectives. With great emphasis on eliciting teamwork and individual contribution, Altabay deems all output produced as satisfactory, excellent even.

The group's adviser shares her remarks while Sir Leonin presents for the lecture portion of the program.

Moreover, during the lecture, a handful of questions and clarifications were raised by the students as well as the adviser in light of discussing the application of the presented statistical approach and its relevance to the experiments, all while staying aligned with the protocols of FoodTech.

Altabay Solutions Head Consultant and Co-founder Sir Jan Leonin and Consultant Gia Abubo pose with the adviser of PUP FoodTech groups, Dr. Elvira Labartine.

As the event ends, Altabay, together with the constituents of the group, share a jovial group photo.

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