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Pricing Plans

Professional / Graduate Student Packages

Accepted payment methods:

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For professionals / graduate students on a limited budget

Starting ₱800

Key features:

✓  Minimum of 1 hour consultation
     allowance online or in-person

✓   Enhanced chat support with 
      our consultants

✓   Best for researchers with
      urgent concerns on their studies


For heightened level of tailored statistical consultation

Starting ₱2000

Everything in Basic, plus:

✓  One (1) additional service from
    the following list:


  • Assistance in Sampling Design/Experimental Design

  • Sample Size Calculation

  • Questionnaire Validation

  • Data Analysis Planning

  • Statistical Results Validation

  • Full Manuscript Review

✓  Best for researchers needing
     extra assistance for their studies​​


All you need. Expert statistical consulting and data analysis.

Starting ₱2500

Everything in Basic, and:

✓  Any of the Data Analysis
    service optio


  • Output only

  • Report only

  • Full Report with Discussion

✓  Best for researchers who
     finished collecting data


Hands-on assistance to your research needs. From start to finish.

Starting ₱3400

Key Features:

✓   Unlimited expert consultation

✓   Complete expert assistance from
      start until the end of your research

✓   Unlock all the services from the
      Altabay Plus Plan

✓   Comprehensive Data Analysis -
      Complete of tables and figures,
      interpretations of the results, and an
      in-depth discussion session

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