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LOOK: BS Food Technology Students from PUP-Manila Completes their Thesis Defense

Manila, Philippines - A tense atmosphere filled room FT201 of the Food Nutrition Building at PUP's A. Mabini Campus last February 8, 2024, as eager students showcased their research proposals and final papers for the defense. The event marked a significant milestone for nine groups of Food Technology students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), with a distinguished panel evaluating their research.

The defense panel, composed of esteemed professionals in the field, provided valuable feedback to the presenting students. Among the panelists were Mr. Jan Ebrian Leonin, the head consultant of Altabay, along with Engr. Rommel C. Dela Cruz, Marifel I. Javier, MBA, Dr. Elvira C. Labartine, Assoc. Prof. Alfee B. Capule, and Erwin L. Descallar, PFT (from left to right, respectively).

This event showcased the culmination of months of hard work and dedication by the students. Nine groups faced the defense panel, with eight groups comprising third-year students defending their thesis proposals and one group of fourth-year students presenting their papers for their final defense. The topics explored a diverse range of innovations in food technology, focusing on the utilization of local plants as alternative components to commonly consumed food items in the country, such as coffee, bread, pasta, and more.

The defense sessions provided a platform for students to demonstrate their understanding of Food Technology principles and their ability to apply these concepts to practical research projects. Each group presented their topics, methodologies, and proposed solutions with enthusiasm and confidence, highlighting the depth of their knowledge and the rigor of their research.

The 4th year students pose for a picture together with the defense panelist after successfully defending their thesis

Particularly impressive was the final defense of the fourth-year group, focusing on discovering an alternative substrate for Kombucha. Their expertise and eagerness to contribute to the Food Technology field were clearly demonstrated. The active participation and valuable feedback from the panelists enhanced the conversation, promoting a culture of academic excellence and collaboration.

Upon the event's conclusion, it was apparent that these emerging Food Technologists are ready to make significant impacts in the industry. The guidance and support from educational institutions and industry experts, like Altabay, are essential in nurturing the upcoming generation of innovators and researchers in Food Technology.

The success of this event highlights PUP's dedication, along with Altabay Solutions, to academic excellence and the progression of Food Technology in the Philippines. It showcases the hard work and commitment of both students and educators in pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation within the field.

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