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LOOK: The First Altabay Booth Ever!

Manila, Philippines — Altabay Solutions has marked a significant milestone with its debut partnership at the Organizational Communication (OrCom) students' event hosted by the University of the Philippines Manila (UPM).

Altabay Solutions meet with the organizers of the TATSULOK conference held at the Altabay Solutions booth in the University of the Philippines Manila campus.

The event, themed "TATSULOK: Finding a Common Ground Through Communication," aimed to delve into the transformative power of effective communication in bridging diverse perspectives, including those driven by advocacy, culture, and business lenses. Held on April 17, 2024, this event not only marked Altabay's inaugural partnership with student organizations from prestigious universities but also served as a platform to elevate brand awareness and introduce the company's services to the entire UPM student body.

At the conference, Altabay's team showcased the significance of statistical and consultancy services in academic endeavors such as research projects and theses, captivating the interest of passersby with their witty and innovative booth setup.

Altabay Solutions accommodating an interested student at the booth.

Led by Altabay's head consultant, Sir Jan, the team provided free consultations to booth visitors, addressing inquiries ranging from the company's mission to guidance on research methodologies and statistical tools.

Fortunate and enthusiastic students claim their free consultation vouchers exclusive to the students of the University of the Philippines Manila.

In addition to engaging with students through consultations, Altabay distributed informative flyers and business cards, ensuring attendees left with a comprehensive understanding of the company's offerings. Notably, the first twenty students to arrive at the OrComference event received flyers detailing Altabay's services and contact information.

Organizing staff of the TATSULOK conference distribute Altabay flyers to students and attendees during the event.

As the event drew to a close, the Altabay Team, accompanied by the TATSULOK Team, commemorated the successful partnership with a group photo. Conference director, Ms. Nicole, presented Sir Jan with a Certificate of Appreciation, recognizing Altabay Solutions' valuable contribution to the event.

Ms. Nicole, the TATSULOK conference director, hands the partnership certification to

Sir Jan Leonin, the head consultant of of Altabay Solutions.

This debut partnership not only underscores Altabay Solutions' commitment to academic excellence but also reflects its dedication to fostering meaningful connections within the university community.

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